In Holland you can buy anything online. Clothing, furniture and even your grocery shopping. Nowadays you can also buy cheese online at the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store. This means you can eat delicious cheeses from great quality, but you do not have to get out of the house or go to a special cheese store. You can order it online now.

Holland and cheese

Have you been in Holland and tried the delicious cheese from the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store? Are you sad to go home because you’ll have to live without the great taste of Dutch cheese? We can imagine that. Good news for you: nowadays you can buy cheese online. The Old Amsterdam Cheese Store is able to ship their cheeses worldwide (!) with guaranteed quality. Because of the strong cardboard boxes and cool elements the cheese will contain it’s quality. Above that, the Old Amsterdam Cheese store offers great shipping ranges. At this page you can fill in your destination country and you will see the shipping range for your delivery. Because of this, there is no way you will have to live without the true Dutch Cheese: Old Amsterdam Cheese.

Cheese tasting

Are you visiting Holland and are you thinking about trying out some delicious cheeses? Think about a cheese tasting at the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store. A great activity to do with friends, family or colleagues. The cheese tasting is daily at the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store on Damrak Amsterdam at 5 pm. You will try 5 different cheeses combined with suiting wines, set together by a sommelier. This is a great experience to do with friends and above that; you will know what cheeses you do and do not like and can buy cheese online in your home country.

Are you curious what the costs will be if you buy cheese online? Or do you want more information? You will find it all on their website.