Holland equals cheese. At least, that’s what they say in foreign countries. At the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store you will discover the world of cheese. A true Amsterdam Experience. At the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store on the Damrak in Amsterdam you can buy cheese, but you can also book a cheese tasting. A unique and fun experience! Is Amsterdam not your hometown, but do you want to try the one and only Old Amsterdam Cheese at home? You can also buy cheese online.

Cheese tasting

As said before, at the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store you can book a cheese tasting for the ultimate Amsterdam experience. Because what’s more Dutch than trying out cheese? During this cheese tasting a true cheese expert will let you taste different types of cheese, combined with suiting wines. The wines are selected by a sommelier to complement the cheeses. The cheese plate is served with grapes and fig bread to neutralize the taste. The cheese expert will teach you everything you want to know about the process of making cheese. You will learn how cheese is made, the true secret of the Westland Family (the family behind Old Amsterdam) and afterwards you will also have a free souvenir to remember your Amsterdam Experience.

Amsterdam Experience at home

Don’t you live in Amsterdam but do you want to have the true Amsterdam Experience at home? You can also order cheese online. The Old Amsterdam Cheese Store is able to ship their cheeses worldwide. Thanks to the strong cardboard boxes and cool packs, they can guarantee quality during shipping so you can have an Amsterdam Experience at home! Want to know how much it costs to ship the cheese to your country? Fill in your destination country on this page and you will see your shipping range.

Amsterdam Expierence; with friends or colleagues

The true Amsterdam Experience, a cheese tasting, is fun to do with friends, family or colleagues. You will learn to know their taste in cheese, which is good to know for future activities. Also it is a fun and exciting expierince. Amsterdam is known for the nightlife, so after the Amsterdam Experience there are multiple options for having drinks, eating dinner or going out for dancing. Curious? See the website for more information.